Costume designer Patricia Field is shown here enjoying a day with her two dogs this past January 2006.

Patricia Field

There should be no limits to hinder one from expressing themselves with haircolor or even a certain style or cut.  Gone are the days of tradition and anyone, no matter their age or social status, can ‘dip into the dye’.  Patricia looks as if she is certainly enjoying her signature look that’s a shade of one of the new electric colors, simulating a berry hue.

Your personality should be expressed through ‘your look’.  Should you be the shy, timid type who prefers to have a very basic, classic cut staying with your natural color, it tells the story of how down-to-earth you really are.  Should you be the adventurious type and want the world to know it, than go bold and express that bubbly side you possess.  Perhaps you too may want to take on the trendy color for the season and try out some shade of red?