Want a gorgeous formal style that will undoubtedly make you the envy of your bridesmaids or the other prom dates depending on where you are wearing it?  No matter what party or other formal affair, this look will prompt questions like, "who did your updo?" or, "how did you get your hair to look like that?".

Catwalk Updo with hair roll

It’s bound to turn heads as not many wear a "roll" like this one.  And the top of your head can be parted off and styled into a more trendy design such as rows of twists, cornrows or curls, you decide.  Pulling this off is relatively easy. 

Purchase a "hair roll" at a beauty supply store or order one over the internet.  It looks much like a long curler in about the same width having two small hair combs attached at both ends.  You simply brush clean, all-one-length, or very long-layered hair back.  Short layers simply will not work well with the style.  Start rolling the entire hank of hair onto the roll, rolling it all in up bringing it all into a "U-shape" as you start getting close to the scalp.  Practice makes perfect.  The combs then allow you to prop the ends into place therefore securing the entire roll and hairstyle.