Prom Updo, Messy French Twist

Prom time has arrived and those of you still seeking the perfect ‘do’ for you can find all the latest formal styles right here on Hairstyles Watch.

Here we have, once again, the basic French Twist.  Hair brought back into a gathered ponytail at the nape of the neck then ‘twisted’ rather tightly as it is brought straight up the middle towards the crown, pinning down as you go.  The modification on this style would be the leaving out the hair on top rather than working it into the top of the twist itself.  Therefore, a stylish ‘messy look’ ensues.

Hair was parted prior to brushing back to begin the hairstyle.  Backbrushing may have been done next in order for this hairdo to have the height it has in the crown.  Afterwards, hair left out of the twist has been ‘feathered’ all about the crown accenting this lovely new coiffure.