Glamour Prom Queen

(click on third "glam" look on left)

Head accessories are becoming more and more a sought after detail.  A headband like this one exhibited here can be worn alone or with other adornment such as these feathers depending on your tastes and sense of adventure.  It’s all in how daring you want to be.

Considered as a hot look for ’06, long hair hanging from a hat or a band is something to consider.  Prom time is seeing  a lot less of old traditions and is setting the pace for newer ones.  This model has lots of soft "S-waves" that can be done as ringlets set with a curling iron.  Leaving an inch of the ends to protrude beyond the clamped hair in the iron, curl into spirals all around the head.  When cool, comb and tousle with fingers, then spray on some shine.