Lots of us go for highlights to brighten up dull locks, but they do much more than that. Always taking the safe option and asking your stylist for “natural looking” highlights could be a mistake… no one is suggesting that stripy, a la Ginger Spice or Christina Aguilera is a good look, but chunkier streaks can look funky and modern.

Nor do you have to stick to one color. Highlights mixed through with lowlights will add depth and texture. Block color can look flat and boring so try different shades. Our model’s naturally light brown hair has both lighter and darker streaks through it making it look thicker.

Older women will suit blonder hair near the face, with darker hair further back. Highlights are also a great way to experiment with new colors without having to commit to a major change – try warming up dark hair or a splash of red in your platinum blonde. If you are going for a strongly contrasting color, it is best to choose thicker streaks as very fine highlights can blend into the existing hair creating a color you didn’t want.

Highlights are a great way to update your style and will also work differently with your normal product. A little wax goes a long way if you have good highlights.