Updos do not always take up all the ‘prep’ time you may think.  Sometimes it will surprise you how quickly you can turn your everyday hairdo into something special.

Messy Updo with hair sticks

A concept featured here before, this hairstyle is perfect for today’s look.  Take a classic updo, add an accent of trendy modifications and viola’ !  

This model exhibits a traditional French Twist designed to sit on the crown of her head.  Note that the updo was secured with hair combs.  The top was then left out for further steps in styling.  Those not left out to give an overall balance were carefully pulled back out with fingers or the tip of a rattail comb.  These loosened tendrils were then curled with a medium large curling iron around the face and a smaller one for the top of the twist.  Finish with a light spritz of shine spray. Finished results are great for ANY medium long to long hair.