Indian women know that one of their most alluring features is their hair. Thick, shiny and dark it is sought after the world over – so much so, that the highest quality human hair extensions are from Indian women. But as well as being blessed by nature, they also know how to look after their hair, preferring natural oils to chemical products that strip hair.

The good news is that even if you are not Indian, you too can emulate their gorgeous locks. Dyeing the hair dark is the first step. Many types of dye will also help to thicken the hair shaft. Remember to choose a shade that will flatter your skin tone – paler skins look best with warmer browns, while tanned or olive skin can carry off black hair.

With all the modern ceramic hair straighteners on the market, it’s not difficult to get straight hair, however it is important to always use a protective product. To keep it in tip-top condition, take a leaf out of the Indian book of haircare and oil your hair once a week. This will restore many of the natural oils that are taken out through blow-drying and styling.

Our model’s hair is in an intricate Indian style that is difficult to achieve at home. The key is to part the hair to the side and then sweep the hair back creating a sleek and shiny front. Secure the length of the hair in a ponytail, then take sections from the top of the ponytail and loop them over securing with “invisible” hairpins. To get the thick sausage shape, padding is sometimes used with thinner hair. Once you have achieved this tricky style, set with hairspray so it doesn’t fall out on your big night.