This beautiful model proves how chic an A-symmetrical style can be for an updo.  Just a few easy steps is all it takes to achieve this look.
A-symmetrical braided twist

Start with clean, ‘straightened’ hair, brushed and tangle free.  Part hair on either side.  Starting at this part and about 2 inches in from the hairline, start running another part from initial part around ear to neck keeping distance from hairline uniform.  French braid this section and temporarily clip at the neck.  Another french braid may be done on the other side in the same manner, ending at same side as the first and end with a clip.  The two braids will meet on one side at neck behind one ear.  Note that this will look best along with knotted twist on the opposite side of the side part.

A-symmetrical braid (back view)


Next, brush all remaining hair that is on this same side as french braid (or where two meet) and grasping as a ponytail, including the ends of the braids (remove clip(s) now), begin twisting the hair.  Make sure you grasp at the end of the braids and start the twist here with all of the hair so as to not lose the braiding. Twist  in a tight manner until you can no longer do so.  The large twist will begin to twist back onto itself.  This is essential so the twist will resemble a big knot.

Bring the end piece up to where the french braids meet and wrap end of ponytail twist around the beginning and the end of the twist.  Pin securely.