Once you try your hand at an updo or two, you will quickly get a feel for the approach.  Many times we are afraid to try new things due to the fact that we don’t know where to start.  When you get the general idea, you may find yourself "hooked" and wanting to do more and experiment with different variations.

Unique Updo

This updo is best for all-one-length hair that is to the shoulders or a little longer.
A lovely fashionable hairstyle that conforms to today’s demand for big curls.

Clipping down sections as you go and using the picture as a guideline, you can see hair was parted from temple to temple following back to along the crown line.  Then two more parts were made on both sides of the back making one large triangle section in the center back and two smaller ones on the sides.  Note:  All parts will meet at crown.

The middle triangle has been brushed down and to the right then pinned straight up the center with bobby pins placed to overlap one another to secure.  Spray with hairspray.  When dry, hair is "looped" down and around to the left curling ends up (curling iron is used to help coerce where necessary) back around to center, pinning them down.  Expertly, this should be done as two sections both in the same manner. (see picture)

The two side triangles were brought up to the crown and put in a fabric-coated band to secure.  This ponytail was then divided into several smaller sections and curled with a very large curling iron into ringlets.  All curls are pulled down with fingers when cool, then pinned down as you proceed.  Be sure they hang down to cover hairpins below and they are symmetrical as a whole.

Front section is brushed over to the right with ends curled and pinned down as desired.  They can be separated into a couple of pin curls, into all one curl or in any fashion you desire, depending on hair length.

Hair can be adorned with fancy hairpins in place of bobby pins where curls are secured.