Sizzling Senorita
(click on "Simple Updos", then "Sizzling Senorita")

This is a captivating style that leaves the average person curious about the creativity behind it.  An updo with a more complex design, this look boasts a zigzag part on the top with contrasting hair flush against the scalp to a crown that cascades in dimensions.

Design is created with front and back sections done separately.  Hair in front has been slicked down with gel for the glossy, painted on look.  Back of hair has been brought up in a ponytail, then separated into smaller sections for curl placement.  Thick hair will allow one of these small sections to be sacrificed into a braid to allow for further adornment.

The longer and thicker your hair, the more versatility you have with the updo’s natural artistry.  Should you be lucky enough to have one or the other, do not hesitate to take more intricate, formal hair design pictures like this one to your stylist.