We’ve seen the movies and bought the delightful porcelain dolls, but the hairstyles have not become widespread. Perhaps this is because in Victorian times women’s hair was often badly damaged by early hot irons and with baths in short supply, was often heavily perfumed to hide unpleasant odors. Despite this, the phrase “crowning glory” dates from this time.

But it was an era of romance and feminine mystery and many of the styles echo this sensibility. So important was long hair, that it was never cut. Curly hair was thought to indicate a sweet temperament, while straight-haired girls were considered reserved. Reaching the age when the hair could be tied up was an important moment in a girl’s life and was considered a coming of age event.

Ornamental hairpins or combs were a common accessory, so for a quick and easy way to evoke that Victorian style simply add one to long hair.

Ornate hair was also a feature of Victorian style. It was often twisted and arranged to create the appearance of height. Our model’s look is a modern take on the style.

After washing and conditioning, blow dry the hair. Allow it to settle into its natural straight, wavy or curly state. Avoid product as this will make it too heavy. Lightly backcomb the top section of hair, then smooth over the top and secure with a comb. Allow some tendrils to escape around the face… now remember you gloves, essential for this ladylike look.