Easy Formal Down do

Plain dresses demand a fancier, formal hairdo, while attire that has embellishment requires a hairstyle that will look lovely yet not overpowering.

This simple style is easily achieved at home and is becoming for any occasion and yet  be dazzling for special ones.  Shampoo and apply product such as mousse and blow dry.  Simply brush clean, long hair into a banded ponytail off to one side at the nape of the neck.  Hair can have layers as long as they will fit into the band.   A decorative band should be used or a jeweled hairpin can be attached when finished styling.  Some prefer to simply use a strand of hair to wrap and cover a plain band, then pin into place.

Barely dampen the ponytail with water and spritz lightly with styling gel.  Divide into three sections.  Taking one section at a time, twist the section and run a blow dryer up and down until each is completely dry.  you may need to tousle the twisted sections a bit to fill out taking care not to completely disturb the sections into melding with one another. 

Another option would be to divide the ponytail into three to five sections and using an extra large curling iron, making large, bouncy spiral curls.  Spritz lightly when cool with hair spray.