Hair that can be straightened into silky smoothness is the best medium for this fun, fashion statement.  Preferably all one length hair (can be short, medium or long) should be used as it must be like a flat canvas to best pull off this look.

Wildcat Hair

Hair stenciling is a professional service featured at select salons.  Full service salons and those serving a large clientele are more apt to provide this form of hair expression.  However, it is not limited to just the salon and anyone with the desire and proper setup can dabble in this form of art.

Using the above described hair preparation, find stencils that are simple for beginners.  A single flower or other single type of ornament is best to start with.   Use some sort of a homemade mask to protect your face and cover neck with an old towel, then cover the rest of you with an old hair stylist’s cape.  You can use anything your imagination comes up with so long as you can breathe and your skin and clothing are protected.   

A friend can then use masking tape to carefully secure the stencil.  Make sure the rest of the hair is protected from over spray.  A good kitchen resource could be plastic wrap cause it’s flexible and handy.  Once in place, your friend can then spray the stencil with temporary hair color spray  which you have pre-selected for the desired color.   This product is out in numbers at stores everywhere during Halloween time.  However, it can be obtained at beauty supply and some department stores all during the year.

Take caution however.  This paint, like so many other spray paints can run if held too close and sprayed continuously.  Shake the can well and spray in short, quick bursts while holding the product no closer than stated on the can.  Reading the manufacturer’s directions is always the best idea.