Nick Lachey

Hey guys!   You too can look as handsome as Nick here if you bravely take that little extra step in your morning routine while fussing over your hair.  

Hopefully you are keeping you haircut appointments and getting a regular haircut from your barber or stylist.  Make sure they leave a couple of inches on the top, particularly along the front hairline.  While hair is still damp, use a "little" spray or regular gel on top of your head.  Be sure it is very little or your hair will dry like you used spray starch.   Comb the top back from front hairline back to just before the crown, then use fingers to comb hair naturally.  Hair will dry pretty much like Nick’s hair is here.  Unless you are handy with a diffuser, blow drying is not recommended.  

Try it for a week and see if the results, which may surprise you, aren’t worth every minute you spend on it!