Katie Couric

Katie Couric has made history by becoming the first woman to solely anchor a nighttime news broadcast.  

A busy woman needs a hairstyle that can keep up with her having very little to fuss over and maintain.   Unless you have a little natural body, an absence of layers is best.  Layers not coerced or fussed over will lie flat and with the style having been "cut into" this way, it tends to cause more problems than not.  Those with fine hair especially will benefit by keeping hair all one length just as Katie has here. 

Hair should be cut into a bob style that can be dried according to the fullness you desire.  Part and allow to air dry for real ease in styling.  When completely dry a curling brush is a quick way to feather back the side(s) or turn up a little on the ends.  Should you wish a fuller look, ask your stylist how to best blow dry your hair according to its growth pattern and texture.