Lara Spencer

While bobs are very fashionable these days, it is not always a desired look and sometimes just not feasible.   Those of you with short to medium length hair that still has layers, may need some direction in styles and cuts..

This look that Lara has is still creeping around as a favorite look for some.   Keeping layers long and precise, this style is something that can be easily obtained. 

Gone are the days when we blow dry and curl layers down and forbid them to stick off.  We now find ourselves manipulating them into doing just that.  Use your favorite styling product that works best with your hair texture and blow it dry using a round brush to start the upward bend.  A curling iron or brush can then be used to help create the definition of the upturned ends and you can experiment what is best for you and your morning routine..  Finger rake when cool working from under the style and going up.   Hairwax is a good product to sparingly apply to ends to hold the curl definition in place.