Bob Haircut

What could be better than gorgeous color and a beautiful cut?  This auburn-haired beauty takes her shoulder-length bob into a full blowout and an ultimate style.

True those with thicker do’s will have better luck getting this fullness.  Yet those of you with less density can utilize a "root lifter" applied in the scalp area before blow drying to keep style from going flat. 

Part hair horizontally along back leaving the back section to hang while pinning up the rest of hair.   Using a round brush on a low setting, begin drying hair one section at a time working your way across.  Bring hair up and out while running tip of dryer along the sections.  Continue to dry sections parting off horizontally as before working up to the top.  When completely dry, hair may need backbrushing in the crown area for optimal "lift".   Smooth out and spritz very lightly with hair spray.  Hair may need touching up on the ends with a large curling iron.