Alicia Silverstone

Having worn many shades of hair color, Alicia Silverstone has made another transition lately, going from her golden blonde locks to a shade of brunette.   Lots of celebrities are wearing their hair long like Alicia and with so many different variations in style, one can not go wrong. 

Alicia chooses to have some  big, bouncy curls on her ends as opposed to ironing it out straight.  This is better carried off with some layering to hold some curl up along the length. 

If you are considering growing your hair on out or are in between and just not sure, consider this.  Long hair is going to be in fashion for a while and there’s so much versatility to styling it with all the different updos; including many that are quick and simple.   Even curling long hair is easier on the wearer.  Bendable curling rods that can produce, big waves and semi-loose curl are fast and simple.  Sleeping with them on the ends of longer lengths leaves the wearer much more comfortable than one wearing them in short hair close to the head where it isn’t.