From the many different photographs I have seen of PINK, I have observed a couple of different things.  Her length in the back is a little longer than average-short and she likes to pick it up into a "tuft" as you see here pluming out the back.  More often than not, her signature Hot Pink color is sprayed along the back when the hair is swept up into the collected clipping. 

Here, Alecia Moore, as she is actually named, allows her long, edgy layering to spike down naturally smooth.  Some slight ‘pink’ shading lightly caresses the top of her head.  In her moods of rock, Pink will sometimes bring the front straight up in a pompadour  which is a great look representing her style.  Circumscriptively, this short, funky cut as shown here is a great lead for some of you out there with short do’s that want an ultra-modern twist on your own shorter hair.