Everyone knows that how you look is important in the workplace. Many offices have a dress code and bright pink hair is rarely what bosses expect from their staff. But that doesn’t mean that your workday hair has to be boring. There are many ways to modernize your look and make a style statement without being unprofessional.

First and foremost hair must be clean – dirty or greasy hair says all the wrong things about you! Another good rule to follow is to try to keep hair back from the face – it can be difficult to work when peering at the keyboard through out-of-control bangs. Pigtails are another no-no, they look far too childish in an environment where you want to be taken seriously.

Our model’s look is a perfect combination of sophisticated and sensible. It is tied back from her face in a sleek style with only a few small tendrils softening the face and the back is twisted up to create interest and height.

To achieve this look, wash and dry the hair as normal. Using straighteners get the hair as straight and smooth as possible. Part the front section and sweep away from the face, securing it with “invisible” hairpins. Divide the back of the hair into sections and brush upwards. Twist each section around your fingers to form a loop and clip to the head. Spray each loop with strong-hold hairspray as you complete it to prevent the first loops falling out by the time you get to the last. Finish the look with a shine spray and carry extra clips in your handbag to ensure that you stay looking professional from 9 to 5.