Side partings are very much a 20th century invention. Look at Victorian, or even older Renaissance depictions of women and they will almost all have their hair in a center parting. Perhaps this side parting signified women’s growing independence and a reluctance to conform to strict rules about appearance – or maybe women simply discovered that an asymmetrical hairstyle would give them a certain panache. Certainly a long fringe falling over one eye can be very seductive.

However it is important to get your parting right. Practice by combing freshly washed hair straight back from your face and then push it a little to see where it falls naturally, this will make it much easier to decide where to position your parting.

You must also look closely at the shape of your face. Only the most beautiful supermodels are blessed with perfectly symmetrical faces so work out which is your best side and part the hair to show it off.

Straight or wavy hair looks better swept to the side than very curly hair. A heavy fringe will also add mystique. This is a particularly good style if you are growing out your bangs.

Once you know where you are going to part your hair, wash it and then divide the hair while still damp. A little mousse worked into the roots will ensure that it stays put. Next blow dry the hair in sections, starting with the underside of the hair. Remember to point the nozzle down the length of the hair for maximum shine. Curl the ends under for our model’s style or flick them out for a more modern look, fix with hairspray and you’re good to go!