She can exude the girl-next-door look.  The "Legally Blonde" Reese Witherspoon has been given award after award this new year for her latest role in "Walk the Line" and has received another well deserved one at this latest event. This SAG honor was given for ‘Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role’ and I agree she was just that as June Carter. With the exception of this most recent ceremony, she has arrived with the same hair fashion, having all her golden hair brushed straight back and fastened in a simple updo. Plain, yet elegant. I won’t dispute that this lovely actress has looked radiant each time.  

    At the Screen Actors Guild Awards which aired this past Sunday evening, January 29th, 2006, she again had her hair brushed straight back with the slight variation that while the front was up in the same manner, the back was left down.  This was then apparently curled, or ‘flipped up’ with an extra large curling iron barrel or rollers.


    The most difference I have seen in her look has been when Reese went from her familiar platinum blonde to the dark brown that was June Carter.  You may have also noticed that her color is not as bright and light a blonde since the brunette shade she had to wear. 

    Since we have all seen her in this same updo mentioned above even in previous years, it would appear Ms. Witherspoon may be locked into a ‘gimme the usual’ style for her formal affairs.  No matter.  Whatever color, style or girl-next-door character, when this rising star hits the red carpet, she shines beautifully!