Tiny knots of hair all over the head were briefly fashionable in the early 1990s. Inspired by Bjork, quirky girls went all out for a wacky, zany style – and the crazier the color, the better. But look again and you’ll realize that twisted knots can still add a funky cool look to an otherwise sophisticated style. The perfect solution if you need a formal do, but don’t want to appear stuffy or boring.

Unlike in the 1990s, it’s best to wear this style with a natural looking hair color and this time around it’s all about shine and condition. It you have roots showing, this style will only accentuate them and look messy and un-done.

To get our model’s great hairstyle you need mid-length hair. Wash and condition well, then blow dry straight. Part the hair to the side and sweep the front section back behind the ears. Divide the hair into sections and twist from low on the head until the strands turn up on themselves. Then wind the rest of the twist around the knot and secure with hairpins – you will need LOTS of hairpins for this style. For a neat look tuck the ends of the hair into the knot, or for an edgier style, fan the ends out with a little mousse.

Spray each knot with hairspray to keep it in place and allow a few tendrils to fall forward around the face to soften the appearance. Cute modern accessories will add the finishing touch.