Man of Many Talents

As January draws to a close, the early morning hours found George Clooney in Santa Monica, CA granting interviews.  Coffee wasn’t the only thing energizing him this a.m.  This smile stems from the announcement that his film, "Good Night and Good Luck", has just received three nominations for the Academy Awards.  The motion picture has already won awards and had many nominations in the actor, writer and director categories.  Since George is said director, screenplay writer, and performed the role of Fred Friendly in this film, he is probably still beaming from those already awarded as of this date.


Mr. Clooney should be gleaming with so many acting awards granted him throughout his career.  He’s always been an extraordinary actor; not to mention good-looking.  And now he is writing and directing! Distinguished, as it is popularly referred to, definitely describes George with the touch of gray around his temples.  His ever-changing ‘salt and pepper’ hair kept very short looks great on him.   We look forward to seeing this handsome guy a lot more both on the big screen and on stage.