Melissa Joan Hart

TV star as well as movie actress, Melissa Joan Hart, is a new mom and we send congratulations out to her and her husband.  We’re happy to see her out and about last month as shown here with her signature long, straight hair.  Her do seems to keep up with her and the recent trends, though she has taken on long layers as a change from the all-one-length style. 

Hair that has the layering on even just the bottom few inches is capable of being styled into many different looks.  Curls that are big and loose are in current demand and there are numerous ways to incorporate them into the longer layered strands, from ringlets to just a little "flip" here and there.  When hair is twisted, clipped or pinned on top of the head, a messy bun ensues from all the varying lengths.  This is much more interesting than the traditional old-fashioned type.