We humans instinctively like things to be balanced and even – the “perfect” face shape is based on symmetry – so it comes as no surprise that most people prefer symmetrical hairstyles too. But balanced can also mean bland or, worse, boring! So before ruling it out of hand, think about how a quirky asymmetrical style could work for you.

There is no need to go for a completely lopsided look – as our model shows, a little asymmetry goes a long way. The key to making asymmetry stylish, is to use geometric shapes and straight lines – for this reason straight hair works best. Curly asymmetric hair often looks more wonky than wavy. It is also a good idea to team asymmetric hair with striking color.

To get our model’s look, choose a stand-out red and maintain condition so that hair lies straight. Ask your stylist for a fringe that is graduated to one side. After washing, blow-dry the hair straight taking care to ensure that all the graduated lengths are in the right place – stray hairs can completely ruin this look. Pull the remainder of the hair back into a low ponytail and secure. As with all unusual looks, a strong-hold hairspray is a must!