Suntan Blonde

When you think of ‘model hair’, do you picture hair that is smooth and silky, yet full of body and fullness?  Perfect strands that show no signs of frizzies whatsoever.  Think it’s impossible?   The longer our hair grows, the more abuse it can sustain.  Chances of tangles and damage increase. 

Though the background here is surreal, our model isn’t.  She probably has been retouched for the sake of the picture, yet hair this magnificent is possible.  Long hair should be well cared for everyday avoiding all stress.  Consider this.  Hair coloring, when handled by professionals, can be a great modifcation for your do.  The color fills each hair strand giving added strength and volume as well as an eye appealing change.  Deep conditioning is part of the initial process and should be part of the regular maintenance along with the proper shampoos and sun protection. 

Hair products you should be using everyday already will make for even more body and shine on hair that is filled with color.   And with a luscious shade such as this one that simply  imitates the skin’s glow from the sun, you’ll have such rich, thick hair, you’ll want to care for it perfectly everyday.