Party glamour is an essential weapon in every girl’s style armory! The classic red carpet look is the “up do”, and with good reason. Although long loose locks can look feminine and pretty, swept back high hair commands attention and says “I worked hard to look this fantastic, so take notice!”

Our model’s up do is deceptively simple and suits almost every face shape. Most hair types will also work well in this style – curly or straight, blonde or black – although it is easier to achieve with thick hair. Fine hair will need a little more work to keep it in place.

Wash and condition as normal. Blow dry the hair upside down to get plenty of body, while brushing the hair back from the face. If you have fine or flyaway hair add a thickening mousse before beginning styling.

Brush the hair into a ponytail high on the crown of the head and secure with an “invisible” band. Take sections of the hair and twist around the pony tail. Double ends under so there are no raw edges showing and secure with hair pins. Repeat with remaining sections of hair until it is all pinned up. Use plenty of hairspray to hold the style in place and voila, you’re ready for your close up!