Drew Barrymore has been in the public eye since 1982, when she starred as Gertie in E.T. at age six. America fell in love with her blond curls, adorable lisp, and natural acting abilities.
Drew Barrymore in ET

As a young adolescent, she had some serious problems befall her, involving drug use, rebellion, and parental problems. She was able to overcome these issues and build a career as one of the most successful young actresses and producers in Hollywood. Throughout her twenty-plus years in the spotlight, she has changed hairstyles as often as she has changed roles. From the blond ringlets of her youth to her current style of dark, below-the-shoulder length locks, Drew has often set the pace of hair and fashion trends.


A regular presence in entertainment news and gossip columns, Drew was experimental with the color and style of her hair in her late teens. She sported long blond waves accompanied by dark eyebrows for her Lolita-like role in 1992’s Poison Ivy.

Pretty soon afterwards, she changed her hair to thick, straight, and dark to play infamous New Jersey teenager Amy Fisher in a 1993 TV movie. She went on to star in a string of B-movies playing rebellious teenage girls with long hair, permanent pouts, and chips on their shoulders.
Drew Barrymore in Amy Fisher

 In her early 20’s, she broke out of the defiant teenager roles and cut off her locks to show off her pretty face and long neck with a chic and messy short, layered cut. As was the fashion at the time, she bleached her hair blond and let the darker roots show. A zigzag part and a cute barrette helped her achieve the “bed head” look. As that style faded in popularity, Drew grew her hair out a little, ending up with an adorable curly blond bob. 

In her mid 20’s, she starred in and co-produced the huge hit Charlie’s Angels and its 2003 sequel. In those films, she joins costars Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu as glamorous crime fighters based on the popular television show from the 1970’s. In the movies, Drew wears her hair long, wavy and parted down the center. The color is a rich reddish-brown shade, which contrasts with Diaz’s wispy blond hair and Liu’s shiny straight black locks. Charlie’s Angels was lauded for being one of the first successful action/adventure movies starring women as the action heroes.

In addition to being the source of rousing energy of Charlie’s Angels, Drew is known for being a heroine in romantic comedies, including 1998’s The Wedding Singer and 2004’s 50 First Dates, both co-starring Adam Sandler, and 2005’s Fever Pitch, costarring Jimmy Fallon. In The Wedding Singer,she plays a waitress in the 1980’s and sports a chin-length, layered bob, like beloved Olympic figure skater, Dorothy Hamill. Even though the hairstyle is outdated, Drew is adorable as Julia and her soft and sweet hairstyle helps to give her character an equally soft and sweet persona.

In 50 First Dates, Drew portrays a free-spirited woman living in Hawaii who suffers from a rare form of amnesia. Her beautiful hair is very long, blond, and wavy, giving her a “surfer girl” look. She clicks perfectly with Adam Sandler’s character, who has to have the same date with her every day because she can’t remember the date when she wakes up the next morning. It is easy to see why Sandler falls in love with her because of her carefree nature, which is reflected by her easygoing hairstyle. The free-flowing locks mirror the breezy, casual Hawaiian locale of the movie as well.
Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates


For the past few years, Drew has usually kept her hair between her collarbone and mid-back in length and encouraged her own naturally wavy texture. The color has changed somewhat, going from dirty blond to auburn to brown, but Drew always looks fresh and carefree, qualities that add to her natural beauty.