It’s 7.30pm on Friday evening and you  have a dinner reservation in half an hour. But it was a long day at the office, and you have just managed to get home. You just have time for a quick shower, and if you’re lucky a couple of minutes to put on a coat of mascara and some lipstick. But what will you do with your hair since you don’t have time to wash and blow dry it?

Sometimes, simple styles tend to look better. It is a look favored by many top magazines for photo shoots. Because after all, the less elaborate the style, the more it will allow your true beauty to show through.

While very simple, this style is appropriate to kick off the weekend since while the flowers give it a sophisticated semblance, it does not look too made up. It surely belies the fact that you spent less than five minutes fussing with your hair.

Just run your fingers through your hair to tame the front and the sides, using some serum if necessary, and pull it up in a ponytail with a small hair band at the back of your head. Twist the tail into an unkempt bun, using hairpins to keep the style in place. Before heading out the door, pin two colorful flowers – you might want to opt for fresh if your garden is abloom – and voila, it’s style without hassle. You might even have time for a second coat of mascara!