Some people start with shopping for ‘The Dress’ or suit and then add accessories from there, while others may decide their hairstyle first and plan around that.  No matter how you approach your look for a special occasion, there are a few things to keep in mind.

    First, determine if you are going to want a hairstyle that’s spectacular or laid back. You can decide later on the specifics.  This goes for either gender.  Guys are getting weaves, cornrows and color at a steady rate and we don’t want to leave them out.  Depending on how fancy, big, and I mean literally, you will want your hair, you will need to look for formalwear that is basic and toned down.  Vice versa if you already have picked out a tux that has a bright colorful jacket or a gown that is covered with ruffles and lots of flowers say, you will need an elegant, yet basic hairstyle.  Simply determine in what area you are going to go all out in.

    Keep this in mind when shopping.  Should you decide to go with the basic little black dress or dark three piece suit, then ‘let your hair down’ and go for something  memorable in your hair design that you’ll want lots of pictures of.