The idea of the cowgirl has always been popular. She represents a freedom, open fields, health and a tom-boyish element. Cowgirls can be both sexy and tough, so there’s no wonder this style is always in fashion.

To get authentic cowgirl hair, you could spend all day riding the range without a thought for appearance or sunscreen, but this is not going to do you or your hair any favors. What you really need is the impression of a cowgirl look without the downsides.

Hair should be long, as short hair does not really work with a hat – the essential element in the cowgirl look. Any hair color will work for this look, the key is that it should appear wild and free – although as we all know at, it is often the easiest looking styles that take the most time.

If you have long, layered hair you will find this style easier to achieve than all one length hair. Wash and condition well, you want your hair to appear very soft. Blow dry the hair naturally, paying particular attention to the roots. Try to get as much volume as possible into the roots – use a mousse if necessary – as the hat will flatten you hair during the day. Using heated rollers, or hot tongs, curl the ends of the hair outwards to create soft waves. Blast the hair back from the face with a hair-dryer – your stand-in for the plains wind – don a hat and you’re ready to go!