Angelina Jolie Elegant Hairstyle

Not all formal looks need to be updos to look creatively elegant.  Many of you out there want an evening style that is simple, yet not all brought up on top of the head.
Since she has been voted the "World’s Most Beautiful", we continue to feature a few of Angelina Jolie’s looks.  Who wouldn’t want to study someone labeled as such to attempt to capture her beauty?  Her beautiful, long hair has been brushed straight back allowing here a slight part, then clasped together in gathered ‘ponytail’ at the nape of the neck with a stylish clip or barrette.  Small sections of the ponytail were then curled in ringlet type curls with a small curling iron.  Once curls are cool, shake just a bit to have them fall naturally without disturbing their shape, arranging them over one shoulder and around the front as shown here for a stylish asymmetrical look with long, loose curls.  Simply gorgeous!