Having snared the gorgeous Colin Farrell in the film “New World”, the Pocahontas look is gaining popularity. It looks casual and carefree and is certainly easy to do, while still being surprisingly sophisticated. This hairstyle works best on oval faces, but heart-shaped faces can also get away with it. To keep the Native American appeal it is best for dark hair – plaits on blonds can look more Little House on the Prairie than sexy squaw.

Glossy hair is essential for this style, so start with a shine-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Center part the hair while still wet and then blow-dry straight. Always use a heat protection product when using a hairdryer.

Start the plaits from behind the ear – too high on the head will make you look too schoolgirly – and continue the length of the hair. For a Native American look it is fine to leave a length of the hair unplaited, but make sure there is more plaited hair than unplaited hair. Choose a funky ethic-inspired band to tie the plaits. For a great authentic look use a length of leather to tie the ends of your plaits. Big earrings will also be shown off to their best advantage in this style.

Although this hairstyle works best with shiny hair, it can also be great for those bad hair days when you’re looking a little flat and greasy.