Joss Stone

Singer Joss Stone has that haphazard arrangement look to her do that puts you in mind of the late, great Janis Joplin.    The late blues rocker would have fallen right into style as does Joss with loose waves in stylish disarray.  Should hair be too dry or completely dry in some sections, spray lightly to redampen.  Nearly dried hair should have styling product applied sparingly down hair shafts.  I  personally prefer a little gel and mousse together.  Experimenting with different products until you find what’s best for your hair texture and type is always a good idea. 

Next, loosely braid hair in sections all around head so that the full plaits are about an inch or so thick, then band.  Sit under a hair dryer or use a blow dryer to completely dry hair and the styling product into hair.  Brush only the hair closest to scalp at top of head.  After braids have cooled, release the bands.  Shake hair gently, only finger raking where and if needed.