Coleen McLoughlin

The versatility of long hair is endless.  Here, Coleen McLoughlin has hers brushed to the side then brought back into barettes or clips.  Twists of large spirals hang down the sides and back.  A good way to achieve this look is to dry with styling products applied; style as desired, then taking one section at a time; twist them.   Do not allow the section to become twisted so tightly that it wants to bend back onto itself, rather allow it to be more on the loose side.  Spritz lightly with spray or styling gel and dry the twist with the blow dryer running it up and down, all over the section until it is dry.

Another method to use would be, of course, a large barrel curling iron doing sections vertically into the ringlet design.  Twist or curl sections going in both directions to mix it up for a more natural look.  Allow all curls to cool completely, then shake some to loosen them up yet not too much to allow them to start losing their shape.