What little girl didn’t want to be Princess Leia? She was cool and in control and her hair was never out of place! This Japanese inspired look incorporates elements of Leia’s signature style in a modern way.

Ideal for dark haired pale skinned girls our model’s look is funky and fashion-forward, but it takes a lot of confidence to pull it off – definitely not one for shrinking violets! It is also quite tricky to achieve. This style requires long hair and the straighter and thicker, the better.

Work plenty of volumizing mousse through the hair while still damp and then blow dry straight. If your hair is curly, straighten it with hot plates after washing and conditioning as normal.

Part the hair straight down the center of the head and gather into two pigtails. Unless your hair is very thick, you will likely need a donut for each side of the head. Donuts are padded hairnets that fill out the bun. Wrap the hair around the donut and secure the ends. Use plenty of shine and hold spray to keep your style looking fresh all day – and, pow you are ready to take over the world