There are so many events in our lives when dressing up is important. Birthdays, weddings, graduation, proms, religious ceremonies – these are the times that you can go wild with your hair and indulge your opulent fantasies. If you can’t wear a flower in your hair on a big occasion, then when can you?

Of course choosing the right accessory can be a challenge. As a general rule, the simpler the dress is, the more ornate your accessories can be. And remember to team styles and themes. If your outfit is Japanese-inspired then chopsticks in your hair could look great, ornate combs go well with Victorian or empire-line dresses, but forget about flowers if your clothes are sporty or minimalist.

Big accessories draw attention to your hair, so, as always, make sure it can stand up to the scrutiny. Deep conditioning during hot summer months is a must, and it goes without saying that hair should always be clean and healthy looking. And don’t think that because your hair is short, you can’t do accessories – you can! In fact short hair is often given a completely new twist with a well-placed feather or flower.

When attaching your accessories, give a little thought to what activity you will be doing, if you are going to be seated at a formal dinner all night, then hold is less important than if you are going to be dancing. Will people see you closely? If so, invest in “invisible” hair pins and grips.

Our model’s hairstyle is relatively straightforward and allows the flowers in her hair to catch the eye. Wash and blow-dry as normal, then set the hair in ringlets using hot rollers or tongs. Once all the hair has been curled, break it up a little with your fingers to avoid that “overly neat” look. Clip the front sections of the hair up loosely and finally add the flowers.