Gwen Stefani


The crowning glory of Gwen Stefani’s success would have to be her ability to express herself in her own unique style.  Surely this clarifies Gwen as the object of our affection and assures us of her steady climb to infamy.

Taking the fashion world’s lead for style, here Gwen sports mostly, all-one-length, short hair, curled under.   Some feathering on the side allows the sides to blend into the back.   Certainly an extreme part is trendy as are the large, loose curls.  With the fullness and length ending just above the shoulder line, this look appears ‘retro’ resembling "Marilyn" or "Jayne", seemingly a Gwen spin on things.    All in all, Ms. Stefani is certainly finding her niche and doing so with memorable styles.  We commend her sense of fashion in her hairstyles as well as in her clothing creations.