When we talk about cropped hair, we often think about a sleek page-boy look, or swept back 1980’s retro style hair. But this crop is all about texture.

It goes without saying that super short hair is fantastic for keeping cool during the summer months, but you also want to look edgy and fashionable and this style is the perfect solution.

It suits heart-shaped faces best as the pared down look can emphasize a heavy jawline. It is also ideally suited to thick hair, but fine hair can work if your stylist blunt cuts it. Ask for a very textured look. Your stylist might razor cut some sections of hair and use scissors on other parts. This will all add to the finished look.

Washing and drying this style is easy-peasy – and another good reason to choose this look. After shampooing and conditioning – and remember, even very short hair needs conditioner now and then – simply towel dry. Choose a good non-oily wax to create spikes on the crown and to smooth down other sections.

A highly versatile style, this haircut works for the office, the formal evening do and down at the gym. Be as individual as you like and add chunky earrings or delicate flowers to make the look your own.