We may have heard that blonds have more fun – but what about the wild redhead? From rich copper tones to strawberry blond, red hair is making a comeback, thanks in part to red-headed lovelies such as Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore.

But before deciding to go red, it is important to consider your skin tone. Olive or dark skinned girls will find it harder to carry off than their paler alabaster sisters. If you are lucky enough to have green eyes, then red hair could let you stop traffic!

Although traditionally thought to be fiery and impetuous, redheads in fact have to spend a lot of time looking after their luscious locks. Red hair coloring fades very quickly, so be prepared to brighten it up regularly – not a problem for home-dye experts, but  expensive if you have to visit a top salon every two weeks. Perversely, although red fades rapidly, it is also very difficult to remove completely – especially from blond hair. The moral of the story? Think long and hard before taking the leap to red.

If you do decide scarlet is for you, look after your hair. Glossy red tresses stand out from all those boring blonds and will make you the center of attention, so make sure your crowning glory is always in great condition.

Styling is also important, brighter copper tones look fantastic with traditional wild curls while darker shades show off their many tones best when poker-straight. So whether a foxy, flame-haired temptress or a burgundy babe, indulge your dramatic side this spring.