Formal hairstyles tend to look monotonous amongst the rich and famous these days as one scans dozens of red carpet pics.   Most are basic with hair slicked close to the scalp as bouffant updos have been out of style for quite some time.  Every once in a while though, you can come across a bold soul who wants to make a fashion statement.

Amber Valletta

At the Costume Institute in New York, Amber Valletta posed in a costume that the Institute will soon be putting on display.  Every year, celebrities wear them at the Institute’s annual gala for their big debut.  Amber has really gotten into the 18th century era with her hairstyle that coincides with her dress.    How much backcombing and hairspray did it take to get that beehive with the perfectly pinned curls around the base?  Only her hairdresser knows for sure.