Perhaps one of our readers can verify, yet it seems that it was Cher who initiated the look of scarf-wearing to actually be "fashionable".  Surely women have worn them for centuries to ward off wind when outdoors or dirt when doing chores.  However, they have become more popular for design rather than a necessity in recent years.  A coordinating scarf adorning a hairstyle is quite chic.  Having one wrapped around the head tightly as Cher has here should be worn by one who has a great head shape as she does.  This would apply to any hairstyle that is flush against the skull as well.  Though a scarf would look wonderful to tame down excessively curly hair, Cher proves that it looks fabulous on straight hair.  Her medium-length, full of layers looks great flatironed smooth.    A slight bend under and around her face is quite captivating.