Kate Beckinsale 

Today’s fashions have quite a few twists in what’s hot and what’s not where hairstyles are concerned.  The reliable standby would have to be the long, straight look.  Easy to style as there is not much required beyond the basic shampoo, condition and blow dry.   Whether your hair is layered, medium or long in length, the best appliance to have handy is still the flatiron, or straightener as you prefer.

Once dry, simply clamp sections and run the irons from scalp to ends.  The result will be as Kate Beckinsale‘s here.   Very shiny, healthy looking hair void of any flyaways, frizzy ends or stress.  You can even coerce the ends to flip up or under a little giving it that perfect finishing touch. 

Never iron wet hair despite what the manufacturers advertise.   If hair is almost dry then it should be acceptable occasionally.  Just keep in mind the more heat that is applied to your precious strands, the more likely dryness and damage can occur.  As with any heated appliances, use in moderation.  Once the damage is done, the only way to get rid of it, is to cut it off.