Gisele Fernandez at the 28th Annual “Gift for Life” Tribute

Gisele Fernandez Hairstyle

This great hairstyle deserves special recognition as it exemplifies a perfect short style for those folks who prefer or demand one.  Gisele Fernandez has a short, cut at the jawline style, that has some graduated layering for versatility of design and yet causes some build for straight looks.  Today was "National Hairstyle Appreciation Day", though it’s never too late to honor your stylist and any day is a good day to let him or her know how much you appreciate their work!

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Jamie Lynn Spears at the 2oth Annual Kids Choice Awards

Jamie Lynn Spears Hairstyle

Jamie Lynn Spears hairstyle

More and more, we are seeing this look where the layers underneath are a dark shade and the top layers are somewhere between a honey and platinum blonde.  Simulating the retro "frosted" hair styles of days gone by, today’s look goes a giant step beyond with the last one-half (usually) to one-fourth of the length staying that solid dark color.   Jamie Lynn Spears shows us how dramatic it can look in this formal, low-riding bun.
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