Freaky “Artwork” Friday

Artwork Hair

Perhaps you remember as a child doing some crafts and artwork with sticks and yarn that came out looking something like this.  We admire the time, patience and talent put forth here and know that 2009 will see bolder hairstyles, yet does anyone agree that this style is just a bit too Freaky Friday?
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Freaky “Bowtie” Friday

Lady Gaga Hair Bow

This talented and beautiful young lady has gorgeous hair that is razor cut on the ends, yet her signature is to fashion it in the most absurd hairstyles possible.  Here Lady Gaga has taken a large portion of her thick mane and made a giant hair bow on top of her head, leaving us no choice but to label this look as another Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “Wacky Weave” Friday

Model with bridgework hair

This model’s length has multi-toned color that contrasts nicely above her head in this massive, twisted framework.  Inspired by her dress and earrings, we applaud the efforts, however realize that the average gal on the street would only sport it for Freaky Friday.
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