Flapper Hair Back in Style?

Madonna Flapper Hairstyle

Is the flapper era back in? According to Madonna it is. Getting this 1920s to 1930s style is a little bit harder than it looks. Fingerwaves were a common part of the flapper style as can be especially seen on the right side of Madonna’s hair. Decades ago getting fingerwaves was a long process involving gel and a hooded dryer but now a very similar look can be achieved with a flat iron. It is important that a one inch beveled edged flat iron is used. Taking a thin vertical section of hair insert the flat iron vertically. Clamp it down on hair and turn it halfway. Let it sit on hair for about 5-10 seconds. Then slide the flat iron down the same strand of hair a couple inches while still keeping the flat iron clamped. Now turn the flat iron halfway in the opposite direction. Continue this process all the way down to the ends of the hair shaft and repeat throughout the hair wherever the fingerwaves are desired. It is very important to use a firmer holding hairspray to lock this style in so that it does not fall out as the night goes on. A little bit of teasing can be done on that front piece like Madonna’s to give some height there.

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