Demi Moore’s Hair Looks Great

Demi Moore Long Hairstyle for 2012

Date: 2011-12-09 :
Just because of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore’s recent split doesn’t mean Demi still can’t look good. This hairstyle works well with Demi’s slender/thin physique because the loose curl adds some width and fullness around her jawline and neck. This curl can be achieved by using a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron when you have Demi’s length of hair. Also Demi’s dark chocolate brown hair suits her skin tone without making her look washed out.

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Ponytail Hairstyle – Jewel

Jewel Ponytail

Date: 2011-12-09 : The ponytail never seems to really go out of style. Sometimes we want our hair out of face but don’t exactly want a flat, stuck to our head ponytail. Jewel shows that a ponytail can be dressed up. Jewel’s hair has first been all loosely curled either with hot rollers or a big curling iron. The top of her hair has then been lightly teased to give her the lift and height. Finally it was pulled back into this loose ponytail. If you want to hide the ponytail band, a piece of your hair from the ponytail may be used to wrap around it and then bobby pinned in place.

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Jennifer Garner’s Beach Like Hairstyle Waves

Jennifer Garner’s Long Hairstyles 2012

It seems as if clients are constantly entering the salon asking for the look Jennifer Garner is wearing. Everbody wants the loose beach-like waves. This look is actually very easy to achieve. Using your Chi flat iron, place a small section of your hair near the root into the flat iron with the flat iron being held vertically. Turn the flat iron half way and keeping the flat iron clamped pull it through to the ends of your hair. Continue these steps throughout the rest or your hair. When you are finished curling your whole head, rub a little bit of wax or pomade into hands and run thru hair to give your curls some separation. Now you have Jennifer’s curls/wave.

photo: Ken McCoy / PR Photos

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Latest Celebrity Hairstyles

Emma Watson Very Short Hairstyle
A lot of people who consider themselves to be particularly interested in fashion enjoy imitating celebrity images and styles. This can range from buying the same dress as a certain actress, to purchasing celebrity makeup and perfumes, and for some, even heading to to read about ways to change the body to become more beautiful or youthful in appearance. However, one of the most fun and creative ways to imitate celebrity fashion, for many, is to keep an eye on hairstyles. After all, these are constantly changing and updating, as celebrities seem to enjoy keeping people guessing with their hair. Here are a look at some notable celebrity hairstyles and changes from the last year or so.

As noted on, Reese Witherspoon made a bit of a splash this year among people who keep track of celebrity hairstyles. Generally known for her simple but undeniable beauty, Ms. Witherspoon came out with a new hairstyle this year that quickly became the envy of women everywhere. Her hair is less straight than it has been for most of her career, and she styles it with partial bangs sweeping across half of her forehead.

Among shorter hairstyles, Emma Watson (shown above) continues to garner a lot of attention for her very short, simple style. Watson is still most familiar to people as her character in the Harry Potter films, where we have all seen her with quite a good deal of hair. In her personal life, however, Watson keeps it short, and demonstrates how a shorter cut can powerfully accent facial features.

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Kim Kardashian Elegant Updo

Kim Kardashian Updo

This is a great elegant and classy style for an evening out or wedding. It is something that can easily be created at home. The hair should be straightened and free of frizz. Using an anti-frizz serum can help eliminate any frizz and give you the shine that you can see in Kim’s hair. Then part your hair wherever you desire and pull back tightly into a ponytail. The ponytail is then wrapped around itself to form this sleek bun and pinned in place with bobby pins. Now your ready for your night out.

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Jennifer Lopez Bob Hairstyle – Pinned Up Hair Bob

Jennifer Lopez Bob Hair Style

Do you have long hair and are not sure if you want to a long term commitment in going shorter? Jennifer Lopez shows how you can wear it short for just one evening out. For this particular style, Jennifer Lopez has curled her long locks of hair. Once finished curling, her hair was then strategically tucked at the nape/base of her neck and then pinned. Thus giving her a bobbed style without the cut. So if your apprehensive about cutting a bob on yourself, just try pinning your hair to look shorter and you won’t have any regrets.

Photographer: Janet Mayer / PR Photos

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