Rosie Huntington Whiteley Long Hairstyle with Tousled Loose Curls

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Long Hairstyles
Rosie Huntington Whiteley has been the talk of everyone since the release of Transformers 3. As a model and now an actress, Rosie is constantly in the public eye and as a result so is her hair. The tousled, loose curls that Rosie is sporting are a perfect compliment to her facial structure. The curls help to soften her defined cheekbones and jawline. Also, her center part adds balance to the style to really enhance her bone structure. This is a perfect style for someone with similar features.

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2011 Summer Hairstyles Hair Care!

Melissa Rycroft Long Hair
Melissa Rycroft Long Hair

As the sun gets HOT, your hair gets messier, your ends split in two, it gets drier or even more tangled in the wind, than usual. Thus, we thought of giving you a quick round of tips you may aptly use to take care of your crowning glory! Here they are:

1. Summers tend to tax the hair more than normal! Think twice before going multi-colored during this season. It is advisable that you pick two colors maximum, or go the natural way mostly to keep the hair from getting heated up.

2. During summers, it is best to nourish your hair with moisturizing shampoo

3. If the heat is unbearable on naked skin, keep in mind that the head and hair too need the protection, even if they don’t look burnt out. Use accessories like cotton hats or scarves for basic covering of your hair when running around out in the heat.

4. Think twice before exposing the hair while open to the wind under the summer sun, as it tends to get frizzy very fast, ending in painful breaks when combed.

5. Since it is so hot, do not add on to the discomfort of your head by blow drying your hair often. Wash your hair a little in advance of when you plan to go out, so that your hair is dried naturally. Blow drying causes more damage during summer!

6. Like your body, your hair is kept in shining and healthy state if you drink loads of water. Add to the shine by leaving in conditioners along time after shampooing hair, especially in summers.

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Hollywood Hair Goes Longer and Bouncier!

Jessica Alba Bob Haircut
In 2011, Hollywood has decided to keep it long, instead of short! This year, one can see that most celebrities have not only refrained from cutting short their tresses, but have also maintained a simple look, by not getting any layers done on their long cuts!

The most trendy cut observed of late is the bob. Thought that might immediately bring to mind Victoria Beckham’s forever fab look that she often sports. But no, this one is different. Think along the lines of Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba in recent times. The hair is kept somewhat below the level of shoulders, suggesting the growth away from neck level bob cut.

You are most encouraged to go for this look if you have a long or stately neckline to flaunt. Even otherwise, since the hair in this style can be tied into a ponytail, it brings a new look to you.

Hollywood divas are going off the layering block by opting for this log bob look, where the hair is cut out in an even level. The neat ends seem to be more appealing to the celebs as it allows them to get a naturally thicker look, which is not always the case with layers.

Some Hollywood celebs, those who avoid the beaten path, are seen going for the uneven cut towards the end, which brings some sharpness and focus to the face. Jessica Alba is often seen sporting a parting on this cut, indicating how the bob cut can allow this, which was often not possible on the short bob or the layered look. The older layered look required the ladies to keep adjusting their hair in the back brush style mostly.

According to hairstylists, the best part about the long bob cut is that it reflects light off the head in the best way and brings a refreshing factor to the screen after a long time.

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