Freaky “Can You Guess What the Hair and Hat Are Made Of?” Friday

Trendy Tenderloin

At first glance, the hat appears to be a colorful rubber chicken sliced longways for wear and you may be half correct as this is a feature from a NY millinery store that makes headwear from meat products.  These dreads may look as puffed and dried out as you would expect, yet they are cleverly a wig of links and maybe this fellow likes his sausage smoked.  Either way, this entire hairstyle and its covering are all too Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “Wizard of Oz” Friday

Grace Jones and More CRAZY Headwear

Grace Jones does it again as she performs here at the Paradisio.  A hat replaces the hair for the role of adornment and then becomes the center of attention and she has ours, making us wonder if she is the scarecrow or a good witch, however, it’s all just too Freaky Friday.
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Freaky “Hair-O” Friday

Hahn's Frozen Mohawk

Hahn's Walking Artwork

These looks are not your everyday style, however, it puts a whole new perspective on art giving another option for a workable canvas.   Even though we applaud this finished look on Hahn, many would agree it is to be viewed only on Freaky Friday.

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Freaky “Gnarly” Friday

James Smith Gnarly Style

Extremely curly hair can be virtually impossible to  style and handle like this challenge that James Smith has and despite all the problems this particular style and cut must have with this length of unruly hair sections, he bravely and proudly wears these gnarly locks.  They  would be better off grown very long or cut extra short., however here this tangled web is and most agree it’s just too Freaky Friday.
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